11 Cheap Summer Dresses That Are Altogether Under 110$!

Photo by Pete Bellis

Summer is the season where every girl must feel special. Everyone is happy that their favorite season has finally come and bringing out their best clothes. However, there are only a few more weeks to the actual summer and you still don’t have anything special to wear.

We’re here to save you! Browse our list of 11 cheap summer dresses that might just save your summer!


  1. Greek Print Sheath Dress for $10 ONLY!

Greek Key Print Sheath Dress

This slim dress is perfect for parties and even for meet-ups with friends. Plus, due to its materials (95% polyester and 5% spandex), it’s easy to put on and if you’ve got nothing else to wear, this dress will be more than enough!

  1. Sleeveless Knotted Shift Dress for $8 ONLY!

Multicolor Tie-dye V Neck Sleeveless Knotted Shift Dress

These dresses are extremely cute and can be worn by any group of age. It’s trendy and can be worn on the beach, along with some of our swimsuits, which you can check out!

  1. Velvet Pencil Dress for $10 ONLY!

Mock Neck Crushed Velvet Pencil Dress

The Velvet Pencil Dress can make an amazing choice for any formal occasion. You can take it to interviews, different parties and even to a wedding. It works with anything!

  1. Velvet Bodycon Dress for $9!!!

Flounce Layered Neckline Velvet Bodycon Dress

If you’re going on a date and don’t know what to wear, get this dress with a perfect necklace (check out our other articles!) and you’ll be good to go! However, this dress also works for elegant parties.

  1. Fitted Ribbed Dress for $7 believe it or not!

Dolphin Hem Fitted Ribbed Dress

Not too revealing, but just enough to make it interesting. This dress can make you the attraction of the night, so this is a dress for all the single ladies!

  1. Floor Length Dress for $9 – the real summer vibe dress!

Crisscross Ruched Self Tie Back Floor Length Dress

An amazing dress that you can wear literally anywhere. If you’re going to the beach, this dress is perfect. If you’re going to a casual party, this dress is for you!

  1. Ombree Tee Dress for $12 – casual summer beauty!

Ombre Tee Dress

The summer dress that will never disappoint you. Combine it with any of top-rated shoes and you’ll be able to wear this dress to crazy parties!

  1. Bird Print Dress $11 – for the real bird lovers!

Allover Bird Print Dress

If you’re a bird lover, but also want to be cute, this dress is exactly what you need! Get yourself some awesome sunglasses and you will be the star!

  1. Floral Print Tank Dress for $11 – unleash you summer vibe!

Floral Print Keyhole Back Tank Dress

Unleash your summer vibe with this dress! Being one of the most comfortable and cute dresses on our list, this dress is a MUST in your wardrobe.

  1. Palm Leaf Print Cami Dress for $12 – for a romantic evening

Palm Leaf Print Double V Neck Cami Dress

If you’re going on a nice vacation and are going to the beach, the leaf print dress, along with some cool sunglasses, is just what you’re looking for!

  1. Color Block Stripe Short Sleeve Shift Dress for $10 – the classic beauty

A cute dress that is sure to surprise! If you enjoy wearing minis, this one’s for you: not too provocative but just enough to be attractive! Buy it!

Make the most of this summer and make sure that you have what to wear throughout it! 

2 Thoughts to “11 Cheap Summer Dresses That Are Altogether Under 110$!”

  1. Mina, I love your website, love your picks and love your advice! You present so many different style variations and so effortlessly. Your posts are really engaging, that I spent the last 3 hours scrolling down and reading them. And I bought summer dresses you suggested. ?

    1. Hi Emma, thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot! I’m really glad to have you here, and I hope you’ll continue visiting the website and connecting on social media as well. Regarding the dresses, which ones did you buy and when do you expect delivery? Do let me know if they fit well.

      And as a thank you for buying from my website, I’ve sent you a little something in your inbox. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

      Love, Mina

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