4 Cutest Summer Shoes You Can Buy Online

No lady should start the summer without a pair of stylish shoes. It doesn’t matter whether you love heels or more of a flat-shoe lady, or if you even prefer boots of cute flip flops.

However, you may ask yourselves “How can a pair of shoes make my summer better?”


Photo by Jaclyn Moy

I think we can all agree that each and every woman loves a good pair of shoes. What’s more, everyone has that special pair of shoes. Those that are extremely comfortable and that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

However, even if we do have one (or two) pair/s of shoes that we wear, it’s important that each of our shoes has their own story and style. Remember, that even if you don’t wear all of them, each pair, even if neglected, can change your style dramatically!

So, let’s dive right into the 4 cutest, yet unique types of shoes you NEED to go for this summer and still can buy online!

Pumps are the best

Ankle Strap Chunky Heeled Clear Sandals

Comfort and elegance rolled into one. They fit with any outfit and have a touch of innocent complexity to any look, regardless of whether you’re wearing pants, shorts, a skirt or a summer dress. Essentially slip your feet in to finish your style with grace.


Bow Decorated Slip On Sneakers

They are as easy to wear as pumps. These offer somewhat more bounce on the sole, making walking any distance more comfortable. Wear as casual clothing with some pants or shorts, or use to play down that smart skirt or summer dress and creates a smart yet easy-going summer look. With a choice between binding it up or slipping it on, you can make certain to find the correct combination to work your charm.


Cross Strap Espadrille Wedges

Or, perhaps you like something, not all that flat. Summer is tied in with being beautiful yet comfortable and cool. Espadrilles, with their brilliant canvas uppers and a la mode wedge heeled design, achieve the tasteful and sophisticated sandal in an easygoing yet rich shoe with either a strap over the lower leg or a tie that you can form yourself.

They can be worn with any outfit, be it pants or a late spring dress, and help add length to the leg and style to the look while being so comfortable they’ll be the main shoes you’ll need to wear all season.

Flip Flops

Pink Bow Detail Flip Flops

Also, nobody ought to start the summer without a couple of flip flops. These awesome shoes are perfect for holidays, for relaxing around the pool or taking walks along the beach, and are the perfect footwear if you adore slipping your summer shoes off and walking in the waves.

You simply can’t skip these shoes for the 2018 summer. As it’s closing in, you should already look for the perfect summer shoes!


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