4 Hottest Jewelry Fashion Trends for 2019

There is a lot to know and learn about the silver jewelry trends that keep on bringing new changes with each season, spring, winter and summer. The trends keep moving and changing with the season and now the chains and hoops can be considered to proceed for the following year 2019 spring and winter.

Photo by Zeny Rosalina

Be that as it may, thinking about the jewelry, silver has led the pack rather than gold. It isn’t that gold has less demand; the truth of the matter is that this sparkling yellow metal is costly. Then again, the silver jewelry looks trendy and now it is coming in the best of the fashion styles.


The New York fashion street likewise has demonstrated an awesome enthusiasm for the silver jewelry and accordingly, it is seen in numerous big names and exclusive celebrities which have also joined this awesome and most recent trend. So, these are our tips:

Hoop earrings

This is the popular model and is presently extremely trendy. These come in large, circular shapes and there are different accessories to meet every individual’s taste.

Round Marble Pattern Hoop Earrings

It is seen that this year has opted to this trend and has acknowledged a small variety with the conclusion that it looks fitting for the workplace goers and the road-style. This style is really obtained from the ancient countries and different tribes.

The earrings with long hanging are additionally a new and popular design and this year, during events the chandelier earrings studded with gleaming stones are considered to make an ideal supplement for special occasions.

Long Tassel Drop Earrings


The next to follow in silver jewelry after the hoop earrings are the bracelets. This is an unequaled most loved and is respected to be an important piece of the fashion trends. 2019 ladies’ bracelets are primarily in silver metal. Be that as it may, this trend is intertwined closely with winter bracelets where these bracelets have the essential material as cowhide.Soufeel Bracelet Charms Bracelet for Women Sterling Silver

The bracelets with chains, gems, and thinned-threads with dabs feature this year’s fashion trend. The handmade bracelets are additionally not out of the fashion trend list.

Other jewelry trends

Rings in gold boho have advanced towards the new fashion trend with gems and stones studded. The focus is that it comes in unusual shapes and in gigantic sizes. The rings original sets used to be for 4 or 5 fingers, however now it is being replaced with an exquisite thin ring set. Be that as it may, there are the large models additionally to reproduce a similar effect of gold in silver jewelry.Soufeel Hollow Ring Rose Gold Plated Silver

Presently, the trend finds sunglasses to be some jewelry kind and it isn’t coming as a shock that even the eyewear from Dolce and Gabbana include silver cushnie and have rhinestones enlivened.

2019 can see a cutting edge shape taking in an uncommon style with sunglasses including silver in its literal sense. It will look chic.

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