5 Fashion-Forward Belts for Women

Belts are one of the trendiest pieces of clothing at the moment!

Photo by Pete Bellis

Of course, the first belts were made to hold the trousers in place, but now they are mostly seen and used for fashion. If you’d go to a real store, you’d face huge prices, whereas online you’d get around a quarter that price, for the same item, same materials etc.


So, let’s dive right in!

  1. Black Fabric Obi Belt  

One of the best belts on the market. But why is it in the 5th place? It’s very simplistic. It’s made out of polyester and you’d never have to replace it as it is very durable, it’s simplistic and you can make a bowknot as a decoration. The one in the picture can be found at ASOS (click the pic below or follow this link).

If you’re looking for something discrete, this is the belt you’d be looking for. It can come on 10 different colors, so there’s literally no way you won’t like at least one! If you like a color, don’t think, buy it, it’s worth it!

  1. Self-Tie-Hook Waist Belt 

This is also part of the belt category and you’ve probably already seen ladies wearing it. I went out today and saw at least five ladies wearing it because we have to agree that it looks breathtaking and can emphasize your positive attributes.

The self-tie design makes it a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. It’s easy to put on and for that low price, buy it, throw it in your wardrobe and use it as often as you need it, it will never wear off.

  1. Gold Waist Belt 

One word: Fashionable. That’s all you have to know about this waist belt. You can use it with anything, going from mini-skirts to jeans, because thanks to its gold color, it can be worn with almost anything. Even better, it works for any event, any time!

Buy it and wear it daily, it’s easy to strap on and it looks great. What more would you want?

  1. Flower Embellishment Waist Strap Belt 

One of the best waist belts, because it’s made out of elastic metal. Therefore, if you’re making a gift, you don’t have to worry about the size, it works with anyone! It’s a great addition to your dresses and can also be used with other clothes, as you see fit.

The flower is beautiful and will attract all the attention to your waist. Truth is, it’s an informal waist belt, so it should be used only to parties and events. However, if you’re daring, you can also use it on dates and even when going for a walk in a park.

  1. Double-Metal Waist Belt 

We’re finally getting to our top choice and the top choice of thousands of ladies. It can be worn with jeans and dresses and is a perfect fit for any occasion. Why is it so special? Well, it can be used anytime, it is the most durable belt on the market and is made out of the highest quality materials possible.

It’s a great accessory to your clothes that you shouldn’t miss!

These are, in our opinion, the best belts on the online-market at the time. If you don’t think that you can find high-quality online, you can always look at the reviews of the belts and see for yourself! Buy one (or more) of these astounding belts and see the power of the digital world! You’ll love shopping online!

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