5 Must-Have Girls Hair Accessories for 2019

Accessories: every outfit’s best friend. It can level up your whole appearance, or it can cheapen your pricey outfit.

Photo by Averie Woodard

And, as we all know, fashion trends come and go. What’s in today, one year from now or even a week from now will change. However, it appears that the trends, in the end, make a full circle. It might require a considerable amount of investment, yet what’s in today may go out of style, and then be back in style and extremely popular five or after ten years.


Right now, however, I need to go over 5 popular trends that are in style now.

5. Headbands
It’s extremely basic to see either a crochet headband or the plastic bands, being worn by all the way from infants to grown-ups. It appears to be wherever you go that you see a child, they are wearing a crochet headband. They are pretty fashionable.

Striped Knot Headband

When looking for headbands, you have an incredible choice to browse with regards to colors and sizes. The more popular size worn in the crochet style headband is the 1.5″. Check out this beauty which is ON SALE for $3.00 ONLY!

4. Beanie Hats 

You should simply look around, and you’ll see somebody wearing a beanie cap. They are an exceptionally popular accessory for babies. New-born children are seen wearing the knit crochet caps almost all the time. There are a variety of styles and colors to look over with regards to the beanie.

Christmas Pom-Pom Decorated Beanie Hat

The most well-known caps are made out of either cotton or knit. With regards to sizes, you can see them in stores starting from for babies all the way to grown-ups. them In addition to the fact that they are fashionable, and enjoyable to wear (like this red baby above which is ON SALE for $5.00 ONLY), they will keep your head warm in the fall and winter.

3. Hair Bows

Despite the fact that hair bows seem to be in style all the time, certain types are more popular than others, depending upon the event, and what time of year it is. There’s no problem in finding the one you’re looking for with the variety of hair bows out there nowadays (like the one in the picture below which is ON SALE for $4.00 ONLY!!!)

Bow Knot Knit Headband

From the little 2.5″ thick bows to the greater 6″ boutique style bow, you can find the perfect one for whatever the event might be. Another bow that is in style now is the bottle cap bow. A hair bow with a bottle cap, with or without a picture on the cap, that is attached to the center of the bow.

2. Korker Bows

These korker, or sometimes called curly bows, are winding up to be more popular every day. You can discover these bows from smaller sizes to normal sizes which are around 2 inches, up to the bigger 5″. With regards to needing a bow with an assortment of colors blended in, this is the one to go with.

With all the different strips that it takes to make these bows, you can discover pretty much any color combination you can imagine. They are exceptionally popular when occasions come around as well.

1. Hair Clips 

The flower clips are seen being worn by each age group. The clips can be combined or matched to go with any outfit you have. One popular style is the crystal gerbera daisy flower clip.

Flower Decorated Hair Clip 5pcs

The size is regularly around 4″ and there is a crystal in the center of the flower. They come in a wide assortment of colors too. The ones in the picture above come in the set of 5 and cost $3.00 ONLY!!!

Amaze people with these awesome Girl Hair Accessories and make sure to keep up with the constantly-changing trend!

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