8 of the Coolest 90’s Sunglasses That Are Making a Huge Comeback!

Even if you know the 90s fashion from movies or have lived it yourself, you know that it was trendy and an awesome overall clothing experience. Fact is, it’s coming back and people have started going full 90’s!

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska

Although this is great news for the fashion industry, you have to keep up! So, we have put together a list made of the best 90’s sunglasses that you can find. This should only be the beginning! Check out our other articles for amazing clothing tips!


  1. Minimalist Glasses

Together with the red shade and the golden margin, these glasses make the best choice if you’re looking to impress. What’s more, they have extra ease of use due to the chain, which helps you in wearing them! And the best part: they are ON SALE for $2 ONLY!!!

  1. Detachable Glasses

Detachable Glasses Chain

Although similar to the previous ones, these glasses work better on casual occasions and work better with more lively colors, so you can still wear your awesome pink shirt! Plus, they are ON SALE for $3 ONLY!!! So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Clear Frame Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

An all-time classic, these glasses can be seen throughout numerous movies, and even on Harry Potter, on the infamous Dolores Umbridge. They give you the cool-looking look that can make you an important person in the Ministry of Magic! And if they are ON SALE for $3 only, what else do you need? 

  1. Top Bar Metal Sunglasses

Top Bar Metal Frame Sunglasses

They’re beautiful and they’re trendy. Plus, they can go with anything you want! Whether we’re talking about casual or formal clothing, these should be your go-to sunglasses! This $7 price is a real bargain you won’t want to miss!

  1. Oval Shaped Sunglasses

Oval Shaped Flat Lens Sunglasses

These oval-shaped sunglasses are to be worn with formal clothing, and lookalikes can be seen even in the famous movie Devil Wears Prada. They give you a boost to your looks and professionalism. For $6 ONLY, this is a must! 

  1. Double Bridge Sunglasses 

Perfect if you want to completely embrace the 90s look, these sunglasses, together with a high-top and an amazing colorfully jacket, they can be a jaw-dropper! Yeah, the-$8-ONLY-jaw-dropper!

  1. Square & Flat Sunglasses

These type of sunglasses can be seen with many celebrities, although famously worn by Sylvester Stallone, whether it’s on the red carpet or in a movie, square sunglasses are his top choice! Learn it from a person who lived in the 90s and buy these $5-ONLY- glasses NOW!

  1. Tinted Lens Sunglasses 

Yet another Devil Wears Prada sunglasses, which also go with formal clothing. However, they can also spice up your retro style and make you more fashionable! These glasses will not take people’s attention from your clothes, but rather give a spice of color to the overall look! And for $5 ONLY!!!

If you really want to embrace the 90s fashion, you should go ahead and check these sunglasses out, and then look for awesome ways to combine them, on our other articles! We provide lists of top choices, that can make you the star of the day!



2 Thoughts to “8 of the Coolest 90’s Sunglasses That Are Making a Huge Comeback!”

  1. Mina, I LOVE your style suggestions! I pretty much think we are the same person sometimes (not trying to sound creepy, LOL). Just for the record: I’ve just purchased a couple of sunglasses thru your website. ?

    1. Alex, thank you for such a lovely comment. I don’t have a twin sister, but I’m seriously reconsidering it now. Thank you for purchasing from my website! Which one did you buy? Let me know if they fit well.

      As a thank you, I’m sending you a little something in your inbox. 🙂 I hope to be seeing you on the website regularly.

      Love, Mina

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