9 90’s Grunge Fashion Trends That Are Making a Huge Comeback!

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

We all know that the 90’s fashion was an awesome time and for the past years, some of those trends have started to come back! Yes, you heard that right, 90’s trends are finally coming back and we have looked for the top 9 comebacks this year!

1. Girl Print Split Side T-shirt Dress


Girl Print Split Side Tshirt Dress

You have to admit that everyone loves these kinds of T-shirts because they just give an awesome vibe to everyone around you. What’s more, it’s very cheap, trendy and perfect for this summer! What are you waiting for?

2. Faux Pearl Frayed Bleach Wash Denim Jacket

Faux Pearl Frayed Bleach Wash Denim Jacket

This jacket has first made its official appearance in the fashion world back in 1991, and it has left the world amazed. Although it was overruled by modern fashion trends, it’s finally coming back to the stage, combined with some cute shorts and any kind of t-shirt, this is your go-to for chilly days!

3. Rolled Up Mom Jeans

They have been around for some time and I bet that you’ve seen plenty of women/girls walking around in them and you have to admit, they’re fashionable and perfect for the summer. They’re extremely comfortable and can last for a long time in your wardrobe!

4. Lace-Up Off Shoulder Ribbed Crop T-Shirt

Lace Up Off Shoulder Ribbed Crop T-shirt

Perfectly combined with the jeans previously mentioned, this ribbed T-Shirt can bring you the whole attention in the room! Everything about it makes it perfect for any girl and it can save you in many situations! For example, whenever you don’t have anything to wear, this can be your perfect choice!

5. Letter Print Zip Side Bomber Jacket 

This jacket is clearly coming back from the 90s, many brands have started reintroducing it in their stores and it’s skyrocketing towards becoming the trendiest jacket this summer! Combined with our Rolled Up Jeans and with a lace-up off shoulder T-shirt, this jacket can make your day better!

6. Ripped Overall Jeans with Pocket

Ripped Overall Jeans With Pocket

They are the best jeans and the most-worn ones, all throughout the world. They’re attractive, cute and make a perfect combination with our number one, the T-Shirt Dress.

7. Lace-Up Romantics Crop Tee

Lace Up Romantics Crop Tee

Are you looking to impress somebody? If you do, this lace-up tee is your best choice. You can combine it with our number 3, the Rolled Up Jeans and you will be ready to go!

8. Drop Shoulder Spiral Tie Dye Tee

Drop Shoulder Spiral Tie Dye Tee

T-Shirts made out of very-stretchy fabric are becoming pretty trendy, not entirely due to their ease of use, but because they are a great match with Rolled Up Jeans, making a killer combination.

9. Flower Print Stepped Hem Dolphin Shorts

Flower Print Stepped Hem Dolphin Shorts

Extremely colorful and can go with anything. Isn’t that the definition of perfect? What else can you wish for this summer? Combine them with our number 4 and you’ll leave everyone breathless!

Get your 90’s looks NOW, so you can be ready for this summer!









2 Thoughts to “9 90’s Grunge Fashion Trends That Are Making a Huge Comeback!”

  1. Girl, why haven’t I found you earlier? First, your posts are amazing! Second, I really like your picks! You cover everything, and some of the stuff that I usually don’t wear seem so cool when I read on how to match them with other pieces. Love ya!

    1. Marie, I don’t have an answer to your question, but I AM truly glad you did in the end. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment!

      I always believed that matching the right pieces is one of the most, if not the most important thing when it comes to choosing your outfit. Hope to be seeing you here regularly. Have a great day!

      Love, Mina

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