What is a casual dress code?

Casual dress code emphasizes comfort and personal expression of an individual. It’s considered as ‘informal’ in the senses of ‘not planned’, ‘relaxed’, so more for ‘everyday use’.

Still, it’s easier to distinguish the difference between formal and casual by naming what we DON’T consider being the casual dress code. So, let us start by saying that the following AREN’T considered casual wear:


  • Formal wear (such as white tie)
  • Semi-formal wear (such as black tie)
  • Informal business professional wear (ties and suits for instance)
  • Ceremonial dress
  • Military costume

In the late 20th century, the athletic gear has greatly influenced casual wear. Also, clothing for manual labor is part of the casual wear. Something we nowadays call a ‘casual uniform’ is a T-shirt and jeans.

The fabrics used for casual wear are cotton, denim, polyester, jersey, flannel, and fleece. There are some fabrics considered a luxury when it comes to casual wear, such as silk, velvet, and cashmere. Not to mention chiffon!

Today, casual wear can be divided into two broad categories. The first one is ‘business casual’, and the second is ‘smart casual’. You can find below the differences between these two types:

Business casual

It is widely believed business casual means you are allowed to dress casually and therefore wear jeans and a T-shirt. However, this is only a myth. The term itself describes MORE OPTIONS, which are suitable for a business casual dress code.

Also, what you want to consider before choosing an outfit is that not every company has the identical business casual dress code. For example, a more relaxed work environment might allow women to wear pantsuits instead of skirted suits.

The business casual dressing also allows female professionals to add some color to her wardrobe.

Another business casual trend adds a splash of color. Therefore, it is allowed to wear brightly colored ensembles or to mix and match skirts, blazers, and pants.

Cardigan sweaters and blouses may be paired with skirts, as well as tailored pull-over tops made of high-quality fabrics.

Smart casual

Maybe the most intimidating term in dress codes is smart casual. However, there is no need for that as long as we are familiar with the meaning. So, the term ‘smart’ refers to a look that looks well put-together, classy and polished.

Smart casual refers to the clothing that looks good and fits well because it is properly tailored to the shape of a person who’s wearing it. Smart casual dressing for women describes a style that can be worn anywhere, and outwear and accessories show personal style.




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