Choosing the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

It’s hard to do it, isn’t it? You can’t just put your hand on a type of lingerie and go with it. Women of all shapes and sizes want lingerie that makes them feel good about themselves. That makes them feel wanted and special and above all, comfortable.

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Online shopping has made it possible for women worldwide to have access to exotic and comfortable lingerie. Below we’re going to make a handy checklist you can go through every time you buy a piece of lingerie for you.


Go Colorful

Before diving into the details of what type of lingerie fits your body type, let’s get one thing out of the way: be creative. Red, white and black are the colors you might want to go for and the most popular ones.

If you’re blonde, you can go for pastels, however, if you’re a brunette darker colors will suit you (ex. emerald green or sapphire blue). Go crazy!

Lingerie that Fits Your Body Type

Above being attractive, you will want your lingerie to be and feel comfortable. You’ll see that, by doing so, you’ll feel much better, while looking extremely attractive under your clothes.

Yes, that’s true! All you have to do that is to simply enhance your positive features and hide your negative ones. Note, this does not mean that you should be more revealing.

Pear Shaped

If this is your body type you should go for an outfit that shows the curves of your body. Also, you should wear outfits that will mask your large thighs. The best outfits to wear are little gowns that will hide your thigh zone. You can likewise go for attractive pieces that wrap at the center.

Image consultants likewise suggest that you should wear a two piece together with a lacy bra and matching boy shorts or a matching miniskirt. The cool thing with these outfits is that they break up your bust and hips in this manner attracting attention to your abdomen, therefore, giving you an extremely attractive figure.

Ruler Figure

If you have a ruler figure you ought to go for lingerie that adds curves to your figure. It’s additionally shrewd that you go for outfits that separate the straight figure. This calls for you to wear corsets and a bustier that will push up your breasts and pull in your waist. When you wear these outfits you will make show off your sensational curves.

You ought to likewise think about wearing an attractive pushup bra and ruffled panties.

Apple Shaped

If you have an apple shape you ought to go for outfits that will show off your breasts. You ought to likewise go for outfits that distract from the center. The best outfits to go for are Babydolls.

For perfect outcomes, you ought to go for a baby doll that has a low dive and a lot of subtle elements over the bust zone. This is to upgrade your cleavage and in the meantime limit the thickness of your tummy.

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