Christmas Eve Traditions Around The World And 5 Style Suggestions

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There are numerous traditions, customs, and activities based around Christmas, yet shouldn’t something be said about Christmas Eve? In a lot of countries and locales of the world, Christmas Eve holds nearly as much significance as the Christmas Day itself. Here are some of those numerous traditions, customs and activities based around the night before Christmas:

Treats and Milk


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It’s a quintessential American tradition for such a significant number of children. A large number of children leave a plate of treats and milk out for Santa to drink and eat while he’s coming to your house while leaving the presents under the tree.

Numerous families prepare the treats on Christmas Eve or the day before Christmas Eve. The regularly left treats for Santa are sugar treats, normally cut into merry Christmas shapes and decorated with frosting, colored sugar or decorations.

Opening Presents

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Since numerous families have more than one family Christmas to go to, many individuals celebrate Christmas with one family on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas Day. Also, a few families have a tradition that everybody opens one of their presents on Christmas Eve.


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In a few countries and in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many individuals did not decorate until the point when Christmas Eve arrived. This is the point at which they would wander out into the backwoods to choose and cut down a tree, and bring it home and decorate it. Decorating on Christmas Eve was an essential piece of the tradition. These days, a great number of people decorate their homes and set up their trees in late November or early to mid-December.

Baking Cookies

Photo by Monika Grabkowska

Regardless of whether it’s for Santa Claus or for laying out on a plate at a family meeting the following day, numerous families and particularly families with children, bake treats on Christmas Eve.

The most famous Christmas treats are sugar treats and gingerbread treats. Countries like Mexico, Spain, Greece, and Italy all have their own unique cookie formulas that made in just a couple of minutes. In Mexico, they make Bizcochitos, which are seasoned with anise, orange, and cinnamon. In Spain, they make Almendrados, which is an amazing almond treat.

However, what can you wear on Christmas Eve? You have to look stylish though!

Turtle Neck Faux Fur Sweater

If you’re planning to party in a bar – a stunning dark polar neck (like in the picture above) teamed up with a lovely wrap dress and some modern shoes, preferably boots.

The great long silver accessory will be an amazing addition as well. Check out this wonderful Leopard Print Wrap Maxi Dress below. 

Leopard Print Surplice Wrap Dress

Boxing day at the relatives – now clearly this will rely upon whether you have a yearly table tennis rivalry in your home, or whether general beverages and a makeup for lost time is the standard thing. Check out these popular Block Heeled Ankle Boots below. 

Lace Up Back Block Heeled Ankle Boots

So for the former (our families decision), a beautiful delicate long dark sweater/tunic with decorated dots around the neck area for added and simple glitz, flat and thick knee-high boots (like these Back Zipper Heeled Boots).

Whatever is left of the glamour can come as an arrangement of beautiful silver necklaces. Check out this Loose Knit Sequin Sweater Dress below. 

Loose Knit Curved Hem Sequin Sweater Dress

Dress up fashionably on Christmas Eve and beware of the known traditions! Have fun!

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