Great Fashion Trends from the 60s

1960s Fashion – Mod fashion was imaginative, creative, bold and reckless. 60s fashion had a place for the first time in London, England. The British set the tone and the world took after. What we wear has constantly characterized us to some degree. At any time, it can show even our financial status, however dependably before inside certain limits of tradition.

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Generally, the uniformity of dress made huge popularity. The fashion unrest was youth situated and youth-driven and began in the streets as opposed to the old line couture houses. The Baby Boomers were transitioning.

The boutique clothing store developed in the 1960s as “the incident” place to shop.


The yellow polka dot dress below became hugely popular on my Pinterest account and a lot of you have asked me where they could find it as the one that I made a pin of got sold out! Thus, I’ll put ALL yellow polka dot dresses below which are still in stock. 


A fine example is this polka dot dress below. 

Polka Dot Knot Front Zip Back Flare Dress

They were fun and hip and the youngsters felt more open to shopping there. No topography was more well known for swinging boutiques than Carnaby Street and Kings Road in London.

Vintage Polka Dot High Waist Swing Dress in Yellow 


Polka Dot Plus Size V Neck Knee Lenght Dress in Yellow 


Not to be let alone for the pattern, Paraphernalia opened in 1965 on Madison Avenue in New York and was a moment crush (like this lovely buttoned dress below). 

Button Front Deep V Neck Pencil Dress

Color assumed a big role in characterizing the look. The muted and pastel palette of 1950s fashions offered an approach to splendid, bold color frequently spread in geometric examples. From day wear to Day Glo in under 10 years.

Mod for the present day, which in its purest utilize implied moderate. Seemingly there is nothing insignificant about most Mod fashion, however, that is the root.

O-Ring Zipper Front Plaid Skirt

It’s gratitude to 1960s fashion that ladies are wearing everything from skirts over the knee like the one in the picture below to knee-high boots; domain midsections to “no midriffs” and panther print to printed tights.

What’s more, as inconceivable as it sounds, without the limit pushing fashion developments of the ’60s, the present lady would not be able to buy some formal jeans.

Tie Back Over Knee Block Heeled Boots

Much the same as the changes of the ’60s themselves, the clothing trends were comparably earth shattering and generally, totally new and original plans to the scene of fashion.

While ’60s creators still characterized trends for the season, interestingly counterculture bunches like London’s “mod” scene and America’s “hipster” organization impacted the styles and clothing sorts delivered by standard fashion brands and promoted to the decade’s youth. This Knot Front Print Tee below is a great example! 

Knot Front Gingham Print Tee

Oval formed shoulders and decreased hemlines were being supplanted by straighter, more extensive shoulders, joined by a delicate internal bend at the midriff and a flare at the stitch.

Numerous creators made “the look” by outlining the dresses, as well as the caps, shoes and even cosmetics of their mannequins.

Skirts had ascended to the center of the kneecaps, yet before the end of 1961 the youngsters kept on wearing them short.

Double Button Belted Velvet Skirt

The beautician was of outrageous significance in 1961.

The “small-to-nothing“ dress was called so for its effortlessness. It was quite often sleeveless and thin, with low blousing or in a free chemise shape reviewing the flapper dresses of the 1920s.

Button Pocket Patched Ruffle Dress

The high adjusted cap and the low, square-toed shoe were the extras of a decision.


The high adjusted cap also got sold out quite fast. I’ve been trying to find the same one, but unfortunately was unable to. Still, I found some proper replacement below:

  1. Elegant Rhinestone Flower Embroidery Bridal Veil Fascinator Festival Party Black Cocktails Hat – Black


2. Mesh Yarn Embellished Bowknot Cocktail Hat – Bright Red


The basic pump of calf, croc, crepe or glossy silk was worn morning and night, and the ladies of high fashion wore foot sole areas of medium tallness, even with ball outfits.

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