How St. Valentine’s Day Started

All around the world, on every February 14th, flowers, cards, and gifts are exchanged between lovers, as the most romantic day of the year is celebrated, St. Valentine’s Day.

However, have you ever asked yourself how this day started? What’s the history behind it and why on Earth do we ALL celebrate it?


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Well, for starters, we can definitely say that the reason WHY we celebrate this day is a mystery. Just so you can get an idea, there are three different saints that are recognized by the Catholic Church, called Valentine.

Let’s check each of them briefly.

  1. Valentine was a priest in Rome. Claudius II was Emperor then and he said that marriage will be outlawed for young men because they’d make better soldiers.

Then, Valentine defied the Emperor and performed secret marriages for young lovers (one of them is a girl on the picture below who’s wearing lovely Crisscross Backless High Low Cami Dress). Of course, he was discovered and Claudius executed Valentine for his defiance.

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However, there are variations on this legend, because some are also saying that Valentine was executed for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons.

  1. Then yet again, in another legend, it says that Valentine was the first to send a Valentine greeting card in 270 A.D the day he was executed. Why? Because he didn’t renounce his Christian beliefs.

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The card was somewhat what we’re sending today, where he wrote to the jailer’s daughter (which was blind) for bringing food and delivered messages while he was in prison. What’s more interesting, he signed himself at the bottom of the letter as “From your Valentine” (probably to this lovely lady wearing a beautiful Double Strep Embroidered Mesh Overlay Bodysuit Dress). 

  1. The oldest and most recent Valentine was a poem. Basically, Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent a poem to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. The greeting is actually a part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London!

We can never be sure of the true origins of Valentine’s Day, however, one thing is clear, that everything started in the Middle Ages, because by then, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in both France and Britain. So the appealing and enduring story probably appeared then.

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It’s funny how Valentine’s day started out. Maidens placed their names into an urn in the public place and then young men (and single, obviously) would come up and extract a name. That girl was to be their date for the following year (maybe the one wearing Satin Front Twist Wrap Dress).

Set on the 14th of February by Pope Gelasius, St. Valentine’s Day was sort of a lottery system for romantic dating. Of course, it wasn’t very popular and it was outlawed as it was seen as an un-Christian event.

However, in regions of England and France, the 14th of February also marked the beginning of the mating season for birds, which was yet another reason Valentine’s Day should be a romantic day (and definitely the day when you wear a breathtaking dress like this Deep V Neck Shoulder Pads Sheer Wrap Dress). 

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Things started escalating and once we reached the twentieth century, handwritten letters were started to be given away to the loved ones. Obviously, back then sending letters was highly discouraged because people would show their true emotions in such a direct way as a letter. That’s why, printed cards began to appear, which made things much easier.

And since then, Valentine’s Day started gaining popularity all around the globe, where each and every couple has a lot of fun on this romantic day! Know the roots of this day and happy Valentine’s Day with your significant other!



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