Makeup Ideas for Spring and Summer 2018

The new seasons are coming in hard, people are all getting hyped up and new trends start to appear. As we have all seen so far, with a new season, all sorts of different trends start to appear and those trends include what we have on our face.

The spring of 2018 is full of bright and refreshing colors, for both clothing and makeup. There are so many things you can go this spring; you will be amazed. Once the seasons come, you will feel refreshed thanks to the bright colors and natural hues.


One more interesting fact is that bronzed beauties are not taking the runway by giving us a glimpse of warm weather fashion, but the opposite. Ladies with pale (but natural) skin left over from the cooler seasons are in vogue!

However, let’s jump to the nitty-gritty! Here are the best things you can do for your Lips, Cheeks, and Eyes these upcoming seasons.


Before hopping in and giving you awesome tips on how you can look awesome through makeup, you should know that people are looking for pale, natural skin. This is your time to shine! In any case, even if you’re bronzed, even if you’re pale, you should definitely skip the tanning beds and love yourself for what you look!


Keeping in mind the “Natural” idea, ladies are going for girly pink colors, that makes them playful and much more attractive. If you have that perfect pink pout you’ve been keeping for the warmer seasons, you can dress it up together with some clear or shimmer lip gloss to achieve a shining smile! What makes pink a great color for both summer and spring is that it makes the lips innocent, flirty and seductive.


There are some colors you can go for this spring/summer, but make sure not to overdo them! Peach on your cheeks can give them a warm, yet glowing appearance which makes your eyes stand-out while also brightening your face.


You should definitely focus on your eyes because the eyeshadows will be bright and fun. You can go for crazy colors such as yellow or orange, to really make an impact. Or, if you want something even better, natural greens and even some blue colors can be your choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose an eyeshadow that complements your skin tone. The point is, don’t be afraid to experiment, even if it might seem crazy in the beginning, everyone is going colorful!

Keep these tips in mind next time you’re preparing to go out and while you’re putting your makeup on, remember to be colorful. You will see that you’ll not only feel better but people will also appreciate the burst of colors.

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