Ready for Summer? Colorful Makeup for Every Occasion

When was the last time you refreshed your wardrobe? Also, when was the last time you refreshed your makeup bag? If you are like a great number of people you purchase a couple of new pieces of clothing each season to stay up-to-date with all the trends however with regards to makeup once you discover something you like you stick to it.

Photo by Bernard Osei

Therapists say that when somebody is stuck in a time warp – declining to change their style eg: 70’s flower power hippie, 80’s glam queen, 90’s power dresser – this is because that was the most joyful time of their life and they are attempting to cling to it. So to switch would mean giving up that awesome feeling. So if you are prepared to proceed onward with whatever comes next but not sure how to continue, here are a couple of tips to help you along:

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A considerable measure of ladies gets stuck out on their most loved foundations. If it is more than a year that you refreshed your foundation, the time has come to visit the beauty care products counter for two reasons:

A: The shade of your skin changes after some time

B: Companies are bringing out as good as ever foundations constantly. Nowadays the foundations are light and common looking.

Likewise, the new way to deal with applying makeup is: utilize just where required and not everywhere. So utilize just on red, uneven or smeared zones, for example, nose, button, cheeks or temple.

Not true. Makeup has made some amazing progress from the glittery, glossy shades of the ’80s that settled into the lines.

The present formulas contain finely processed mica which gives you a delicate, unobtrusive trace of beauty. This is in reality light reflecting, which means: the radiant look influences you to look more youthful, by giving your skin a delicate sparkle.

Tip: Don’t exaggerate the sparkle. Keep it to two features as it were. Eg: shimmery eyes and lips and matt establishment and cheeks.

No, no, no, no, no! Consider it. If you put blue with blue it just mixes together. Rather, utilize hues from the contrary shading range to truly feature and stress the shade of your eyes. This is a rule which you must never forget! 

If you have blue eyes utilize: tans of all shades particularly chocolate and gold and profound pinks. If you have darker eyes utilize: emerald green, dark blue and plum and if you have green eyes utilize golds and coral hues.

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This is an extremely broad guide. For myself, I have hazel eyes and I utilize every different shading relying upon my clothes and mood. I really trust that any lady can wear any shading as long as it is the correct shade. If you need to wear green, you can, as long as it’s the correct shade of green. But never forget to have fun while putting on makeup!

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