Smart Casual

Smart casual as a term was widely used in the 20th century for a more casual suit than the traditional, usually the dark one. Smart casual is seen as neat and conventional, yet somewhat informal style.

And it’s not so much about what to wear, as it is about how to combine (or not) some clothing pieces. There are some tips on how to choose a perfect smart casual outfit when dressing up for the event. I’m listing some of them.


First of all, don’t wear anything you would usually wear in the office. Essentially, this is a gathering of colleagues at the weekend, so anything you wear in the office is a no-no in the smart casual world. Though, you might want to consider buying a new shirt.

A collared shirt or a shirt dress are just some of the options that can come useful for any future ‘smart casual’ event. Invest in a few off-duty options, as it will be money well-spent!

Don’t go too casual! This dress code is still called ‘smart casual’…

Misinterpreting smart casual as just plain casual is one of the most common mistakes. Things you wear while shopping or going to the gym are NOT the options. Dark jeans can be a good choice, especially if you match it with a classic blouse or a shirt.

Still, try to AVOID wearing a classic cotton T-shirt if you’re already decided to wear jeans. Choose a silk shirt or a fabric which will match your shoes in a more formal way.

Heels are always a good option, especially with a thicker hill, as they are more comfortable. And the skirt with a higher waist and a top, or a simple dress with a bold necklace (including a cocktail dress) are always an excellent choice!

And don’t forget to consider the host and the setting…

Who’s the person in charge who organizes the event?  Think about whose home you’re going to visit. Think about the personality of this person: what he/she would expect. If the host is super casual, you should get a sign from that.

If they love dressing up, so do you. Go with “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Tailored pants with a longer length shirt and a jacket such as a blazer are definitely a go-to thing.



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