Summer Blouses You WANT This Season!

Photo by Pete Bellis

Although it might seem crazy, summer blouses are something you really need! Why? First, they can be matched with almost anything: shorts, denim, jeans, skirts, and even worn instead of a jacket on a breezy evening.

Second, blouses are something you wear throughout the whole year. So, in order to help you keep up with this crazy rollercoaster of trends, here is the list of the top summer blouses which you WANT to buy!


  1. Pearl Beading Split Shoulder Blouse

Pearl Beading Split Shoulder Blouse

Works best with denim shorts or with some of our top-rated jeans, this blouse is a killer! Along with its breathtaking pearls, match this blouse with some breathtaking sunglasses and you will be a queen! The best part is that you can check all those accessories out on our other articles and get yourself the full outfit! Believe it or not, this cutie is ON SALE for $7 ONLY!

  1. V Neckline Patchwork Blouse

V Neckline Patchwork Blouse

This blouse, although extremely colorful, can be worn only if jeans, high-top or slim-fit! Why? Because it perfectly works with them and it can help bring the better part of you out! Apart from that, the price of 12$ is way lower than expected and it’s a deal-breaker!

  1. Figure Print Drop Shoulder High Low Shirt

If you want amazing decorations that will leave people questioning them, you have come to the right place! This weirdly interesting shirt can be the figure (pun intended) of the night! Buy it while you can!

  1. Contrast Tied Neck Blouse

Contrast Tied Neck Blouse

Although not very common, this blouse has a lot of potentials. With its tied neck and all the decorations, it can be combined with almost everything, however, we suggest that you go with a high top or normal jean, tuck the blouse in and that’s it! Wear some sunglasses and some cool accessories and you’re ready to go and looking like a superstar in this $12-only-blouse!

  1. Floral Lace Cap Sleeve Blouse

An incredibly elegant piece of clothing, this floral lace blouse can easily be our top choice for this list. Why? Because although it’s clearly for formal occasions, it can also be used for many other activities, walks on the beach, parties with friends and even go to different meetings and dates! It’s great and is best to work with a mini-skirt, however not limited to this. This classic yet trendy blouse is yours for $14 ONLY!

You can match it with a pair of denim shorts as well, but be careful of the color chosen! Pink is a strong color, so choose something that will complement it and remember that pink works best with white! You can also wear a pair of sunglasses to get rid of the strong colors.

Here’s everything you need for the summer! Go ahead and pick some of these blouses, follow our suggestions and you will be the star! We have got a lot more suggestions on our other articles, so if you’re interested in what to wear, check them out!

The dressing is fun and you should always remember that, don’t be afraid to experiment from time to time, no matter how you usually dress! Fashion is spontaneous and fun, so act like it and buy something out of the ordinary!



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