Top Beauty Trends for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and you should start modifying your beauty habits in order to change according to the weather. I doubt you’d ever forget about your spring-cleaning routines for your house, but people often forget about their bodies. Here are the top beauty trends for the 2019 spring which you MUST NOT miss!

Photo by Nastya Gepp on Pixabay

  1. The Gateway to Your Soul

You probably already know what the gateway to your soul is – your eyes! You have to make your eyes appear bright and open. Many ladies and girls use bright colors for their eyes. Whether you’re going to a beauty salon or just going for a more natural look, it doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that you tighten up your brows and make them colorful.


It’s also fashionable and advisable that you use waterproof eye makeup, as there is nothing worse than smudging eyes on an amazing spring day.

2. Watch Your Hair

It doesn’t matter the way you style your hair this spring, because it will be stylish either way. One major trend is the ponytail, but you will also see a lot of high, teased, braided and woven, sleek and smooth.

Your local salon is most than probably going to help you through all of this, it’s affordable and will look great on you.

  1. Your Skin Should Look Amazing

After winter has done significant damage by drying your skin out and roughing it up, you have to smooth it back and moisturize it. An affordable strategy is utilizing white petroleum jelly on your roughest spots, for example, knees, elbows, heels, and so forth.

Your local beauty salons should offer a spring feel unique for a cheap price, plus, some salons even give you a FREE facial.

These style services give your skin a super soft and unadulterated feel with the Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub that gives both a physical and regular synthetic exfoliation. It contains Ground Arabica Coffee Beans and Coconut Oil to gently remove dead, dull skin which leaves the skin stimulated, energized and smooth.

Spring is an opportunity to give your normal beauty a chance to sparkle and skin colored blushes become flushed are both easy and regular looking. It applies effectively with your fingers and it absorbs into your skin pleasantly.

  1. Lips

I can’t even emphasize how important it is to take care of your lips this spring. A brighter lip is the biggest trend for this spring. Hot pinks, oranges, and reds are definitely the best choices. Also, the bolder, the better! Try to assert your brows with your lips.

Therefore, if you have some bold and thick brows, your lips should be neutral, combined with a softer shade. Or, for example, you have thin or arched brows, you can go ahead and experiment with some vibrant colors.

These are the biggest trends for this spring which you should definitely experiment! You should frequent your beauty salon and see how great you feel after getting a touch of fashion!


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