Valentine’s Day Styling Tips

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re married, have a long-term relationship or just dating, you have to feel like the most loved person in the world. Even if you’re single, you can listen to the awesome tips and you can go out there, have fun and party hard!

Photo by Pete Bellis

Women should look good and turn heads, but it might be too much if it’s too revealing. Remember, the less you reveal the mysterious you will be and the more attracted men will be! I think we all know that we want to impress our dates and a romantic candlelight dinner is not enough. Let’s dive right into the styling tips which you MUST listen to if you want a successful Valentine’s Day!


  1. Don’t Go with Pants

If you do this, you’ve ruined the day before it even started. It’s a formal occasion and you want to impress, therefore, wear a dress or a skirt. No matter the body type, EVERY woman feels feminine and chic with a dress or a skirt. You can even pull out your black mini-skirt (which every woman MUST have).

Whether you’re short and curvy, tall and slim, skirts will look perfect on you! If you don’t want to show off your legs, you can go with a length that’s just above your knees.

  1. Colorful but Not Too Much

Many people will tell you that the more colors the better and will often tell you that red is the color of love. True, it is, but let’s avoid wearing a red dress. It will make people think that you’re trying to attract too much attention.

If you’re curvy and short, you can go for a dark and solid color. At all costs avoid patterns, because they will make you look boxier.

Try NOT to wear prints at all, and if you have no other choice, make sure they can’t be easily observed as they can make you look shorter. Therefore, the best type of outfit you’d want is a light colored top with a dark mini-skirt. However, if you’re more of a dress-person, make sure you choose a solid colored dress and break it up with a big belt.

  1. Shoes Can be a Bummer or Reason to Fall in Love

Let’s be honest, ballerina flats are a no-go for any date on Valentine’s Day. You can go for some ankle straps, which happen to be the favorite choice for many women. They can be worn with most anything, are attractive and feel extremely comfortable.

Nowadays, thanks to this era’s fashion, there are a variety of shoes you can wear, no matter whether you’re tall or short.

  1. “Boots aren’t attractive” – Completely Wrong

If anyone ever told you that boots can’t be head-turners, you have to stop listening to their fashion advice! If you want to be a man’s fantasy, wear a hot boot with heel and there you have it! You can even try an ankle boot if you’re concerned that your calves are too thick. Put on an attractive pair of boots and you will look great the whole day (and night, of course).

However, above all, make sure that you wear something that makes YOU feel good and in which you are comfortable. The way you dress and the way you like your outfit can have an extreme impact on your mood and the way your day will go.

Go out there and have a lot of fun on Valentine’s Day with your significant other while feeling amazing in your outfit and don’t be scared to experiment!

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