Why Do We Celebrate Hanukkah? Plus 3 Ideas On What To Wear

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The Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, is a standout amongst the most important of all Jewish occasions and matches with the Christian holiday, Christmas, and you can without much of a stretch host a mixed Hanukkah-Christmas party of your own.

Hanukkah signifies “Dedication” and was first celebrated as a re-dedication of the Jewish sacred sanctuary after Antiochus IV desecrated it. At the point when the Maccabees were triumphant over the Seleucid Empire, the Jews needed to wash down and rededicate their heavenly sanctuary.


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Olive oil was especially valuable and utilized as a part of such ceremonies, and there was sufficiently just sanctified olive oil left to fuel the sanctuary’s endless fire for a single day at least.

They knew it would take eight days for more oil to be ready, however, started the function in confidence, and they saw a supernatural occurrence happen when that single day’s oil burned for eight days, until the point when they had more oil to proceed with their tradition.

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Hence, it is important to perform this lighting of the menorah, while celebrating Hanukkah. Parties typically include eating, the trading of gifts or presents of money or candy coins, recitations, and lighting the menorah.

Ornaments include a customary utilization of blue, silver, and white. Hanukkah trees are ending up more famous and are regularly decorated in the conventional hues with a star of David to finish everything.

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More the conventional festival of Hanukkah is being mixed with Christmas, and if you wish to pass on and hold certain customs of the two religions, it is important to facilitate the change with a mix of customary exercises, gifts, and nourishment.

Make it simple for everybody by recording and passing out things, for example, the customary favors utilized when lighting the menorah. In spite of the fact that you may know the endowments, it will make it substantially less demanding for the ones who don’t, to have them recorded, and make it significantly less clumsy for the individuals who don’t, if everybody gets a composed duplicate.

Hanukkah is just around the corner and you have absolutely no idea what to wear? We’re here to help!


You can spruce up a plain outfit with an amazing scarf or even a faux fur neckline. Scarves have never stopped from being attractive amid the frosty season, and they can likewise enable you to pull your Hanukkah outfit together.

Dressing up a comfortable outfit enables you to be comfortable, and “you should be comfortable in what you wear to participate in the family games and for taking a snooze after the supper.”

Comfortable Sweater

A mock neck crop sweater with a comfortable combination of slacks is perfect for wearing to a Hanukkah supper.

Obviously, if you are heading off to a special occasion and plan to drink wine, you should need to consider how hot you’ll be in that sweater as well. Wear something that won’t make you sweat.

Make a Lovely Silhouette

Regardless of what you wear outwardly, be certain that you wear a loose and comfortable yet strong bra underneath your outfit to make an alluring outline. Besides, when you wear a bra that fits superbly, you’ll really look better in your clothes.

Look awesome in your clothes and have an amazing time with your family on this special day!

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